The project "EVSification" is implemented by Cluj-Napoca Volunteer Center along with the partners, FERSO, Poland and Centrum dobrovolnictva, Slovakia. All three organizations are active in the field of volunteering and have expertise in volunteers’ and project management in the context of European Voluntary Service (EVS).
The project aims to strengthen volunteerism in the three countries, by increasing the capacity of organizations that involve volunteers regarding project management and EVS volunteers.
Project’s activities are focused on volunteers’ management in EVS context and aims at developing three intellectual products during the 20 months of implementation "The Management of EVS volunteers Manual" (a document addressed to all organizations and coordinators involved in EVS projects with practical information on the 9 steps of volunteers’ management), "EVSification Recipe Design" (based on the realized manual, the project team will build a design for a training course that could be replicated by organizations active in EVS) and webinars (three webinars on topics relevant to the management of EVS will be organized).
The project “EVSification" is funded by the European Commission through Erasmus+ program, Key Action 2 - Strategic Partnerships.


Project's News:

 09/01/2016 - EVSification – a strategic project in the field of the European Voluntary Service

In the context of celebration of 20 years since the European Voluntary Service (EVS) – part of the program Erasmus + (through which the youngsters between 17 and 30 years old have the opportunity to participate to volunteering projects in another country) is functioning, Cluj-Napoca Volunteering Centre, together with its partners FERSO from Poland and Centrum dobrovolnictva from Slovakia, announce the successful completion of the project EVSification, project which aimed to increase the quality of EVS projects.
In the last 20 years, over 100.000 young people from Europe, and not solely, had been involved in volunteering stages through the European Volunteering Service. These youngsters had the chance to discover new cultures, to develop new abilities and to be actively involved in the life of the communities where they had been hosted. The management/hosting of these youngsters had brought for the hosting organizations, besides many successful results and satisfaction, many challenges related with the creation of a safe enough and stimulant frame in which the youngsters to get the most out of this learning experience. In this context, the project EVSification, had the aim to contribute to the increasing of the organizations’ capacity to manage in a professional manner the international volunteers.
Starting from the hosting experience of the 3 partner organizations, which hosted hundreds of volunteers, we realized useful instruments in the process of implementation of an EVS project, from the preparation of the organization and of the volunteers, to the completion of the project and final evaluation of the project and of the volunteers. Thus, during the 20 months of the project (from January 2015, until august 2016) the following there instruments, easy to use by the organizations and the coordinators involved in hosting EVS volunteers, were developed:
- An EVS volunteer management manual, with practical information regarding the 9 steps in EVS volunteer management,
- A detailed plan for the professional training of EVS volunteer coordinators (training design),
- Three webinars focused on the challenging/difficult aspects of EVS volunteer management (motivation, conflict management and volunteer’s evaluation).
All these instruments are available for free in electronic format on the web page of the Cluj-Napoca Volunteer Centre (Centrul de Voluntariat Cluj-Napoca) – www.centruldevoluntariat.ro and can be downloaded by anyone interested.

05/14/2016 - It's time for European Volunteering

The National Agency for Community Programs in Education and Training (ANPCDEFP) and Cluj-Napoca Volunteer Center (CVCN) organizes the EVS Camp, an event dedicated to the European Voluntary Service (EVS), from 13 to 15 of May. Being a part of the European program Erasmus +, EVS offers young people who are between 17 and 30 years old the opportunity to perform voluntary service in another country.

In the EVS Camp over 100 participants - youth interested in European volunteering, former European volunteers, volunteer coordinators, representatives of active organizations in volunteering at national or European level – are meeting to share experiences and learn together within the 40 workshops on relevant EVS topics.

The event is organized in the context of EVS 20 - an European campaign to celebrate 20 years of EVS – which also marks the end of the project EVSification, developed by the Cluj-Napoca Volunteer Center in partnership with organizations from Poland and Slovakia, which focused on the quality of the European volunteering projects.

The European Voluntary Service, was launched in Europe in 1996, and until now, approximately 100,000 young people were involved in international volunteer services. From 2007 until now Romania hosted over 2,300 international volunteers, and in 2007-2013 over 700 young people from Romania were volunteers in other countries.

04/07/2016 - EVS Camp

100+ participants, 30+ workshops, 2.5 days of activities, one theme: the European Voluntary Service (EVS) 1 event: EVS Camp.
Are you working with volunteers? Do you think your organization could grow more if they get involved in European Volunteering projects? Come to learn from those who have already done that!
You're curious. You’re searching. You want to discover. You want to get involved. In short, you want to be a volunteer in another country. Come to meet young people who have gone through such an experience!
You took your bag and left and you did not know what will happen. And it was EVS. We want to know your story!
You had dozens of meetings with international volunteers, helping them run their activities and discover themselves. We want to know the challenges, and satisfactions of this work!
You analyzed your needs, you decided that EVS is the solution for your organization, you searched for partners in other countries and rejoiced when your project has been approved. We want to tell us about this journey!
You listened the volunteers, you helped them to learn, and you’ve been there. We want to listen you!
You find yourself in one of the above situations?
Or maybe in a similar situation, related to European Voluntary Service?
Then let's create together EVS Camp – a space for people and organizations interested in EVS or experienced in this field, mentors, project coordinators and volunteers, former EVS volunteers.
EVS Camp
Briefly: EVS Camp is an event dedicated to the European Voluntary Service, part of the European program Erasmus +. We want to create a space for learning and communication for both those who know and have experience in European Volunteering projects and for those who want to learn more and learn from the experiences of others. EVS Camp is an event addressed to former volunteers, youth interested in European Volunteering, and organizations that have developed or are interested in EVS.
EVS Camp is organized in SEV20 - the celebration of 20 years of EVS at European level and of the project EVSification conducted by Cluj-Napoca Volunteer Center through Erasmus + program.
When - 13 to 15 May 2016 (12 May – arrival day, 15 May, after lunch - departure day)
Where – Predeal, Belvedere hotel
Organizers - ANPCDEFP and Cluj-Napoca Volunteer Center
What to expect - interactive workshops on topics related to EVS (proposed by participants, and also organizers), active participation, new information, sharing of experiences, presentation of the results of the project EVSification, all facilitated through Barcamp method.
Barcamp is a non-conference born from the desire of people to communicate and learn in an open environment. It is an intense event with discussions and interaction among participants.
Logistical details - organizers will cover the costs of:
- Transport (Class II, under deduction)
- Accommodation (in double rooms at the Belvedere Hotel, Predeal)
- Meal (starting with dinner on 12 May - for those accommodated and ending with lunch on 15 May)
For the international volunteers currently in the enrolled in projects in Romania we will not ensure costs related to the participation in the event; these can be assured from the costs of their project.
The working language of the event: Romanian.
Workshops will be organized in parallel and only some will be held in English.
Registration is done by completing the form available here.
BE CAREFUL! The form is validated by pressing "Validate" at the end.
Deadline for registration: April 22, 2016

12.17.2015 - Mid-term results of the project “EVSification”

In the period 01/01/2015 – 08/31/2016, Cluj-Napoca Volunteer Center in partnership with FERSO - Poland and Centrum Dobrovolnictva - Slovakia, is implementing the project "EVSification". Starting from the vast experience of the three partners in volunteering, and more specifically, their expertise on managing projects financed by the European Voluntary Service (EVS), the project aims to contribute to the strengthening of voluntary movement of the three countries, through improving the capacities of organizations that involve volunteers, and especially EVS projects.
In the first half of the project, the three partners have worked hard to realize a volunteer management manual in the context of EVS projects. Starting from the needs expressed in an identification of needs questionnaire and filled in by more than 60 organizations that are hosting EVS volunteers (in the 3 partner countries), the manual was structured on the model of the 9-steps in volunteer management. It contains besides theoretical aspects related to volunteer management approaches, practical examples, useful tools and methods, adapted to the specific contexts of EVS projects, as well.
Based on the elements presented in the manual, the project team worked on a design for a training course addressed to coordinators of EVS volunteers - "EVSification Recipe Design" design that can be replicated by other organizations that implement EVS projects.
The testing of the approach, of the methods provided in the manual and of the design of the course was conducted in a 4 days training course, which took place from 3 to 8 November 2015 and was held in Banska Bystrica (Slovakia). At the course attended 21 coordinators of EVS volunteers from the 3 partner countries involved in the project "EVSification", coordinators who had the opportunity to go through all stages of the volunteer management and to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes relevant in the context of stimulating activities for EVS volunteers and the successful management of such projects.
Based on the feedback received after testing the proposed model changes in the manual of EVS volunteers management were made. This manual is meant to be publicly released in April 2016.
In parallel with the manual, the three organizations involved in the project have started preparing the consulting activity individualized for the 21 organizations represented at the course for volunteer coordinators. This consultancy will take place during January-June 2016 and is focused on the correlation of the 9 steps of volunteer management model to the specificities of each organization involved.
In 2016, in the project "EVSification" the consulting activity individualized for the 21 organizations involved will be performed and three webinars in English that addresses relevant issues in the management of EVS volunteers will created and published. These webinars will be promoted among the organizations that host EVS volunteers in Europe. Also in April will take place the event "EVSification Camp", an international event with over 100 participants, aimed to multiply all the results obtained during the project.