If you are interested about the European Voluntary Service please contact us at evscluj@voluntariat.ro or  0729 837 773

General information about EVS

You want to learn something new, to be involved in the community, to discover new cultures, to meet different people, to make friends or to develop yourself? Did you ever think that you could do all these things in another country? With the European Voluntary Service (EVS) you are closer to these opportunities. EVS is part of the Youth in Action program and is financed by the European Commission.

The European Voluntary Service:
  • supports youngsters to volunteer in other countries
  • gives the opportunity to participate in international volunteer programs between 2 weeks and 1 year.
  • offers financial support for the volunteering programs (accomodation, food, international transport, pocket money)
  • promotes tolerance, cultural diversity, european citizenship and active citizenship
  • is a learning program based on nonformal education

We can help you!
Cluj-Napoca Volunteer Centre (www.centruldevoluntariat.ro) is an acredited sending and hosting organisation for the European Voluntary Service. Our acreditation number is 2009-RO-9.

What can we do for you as a sending organization?
  • We can help you find and contact a hosting organisation from another country
  • We can help you throughout the steps of the selection proces
  • We will prepare you in a pre-departure course developed for the volunteers, before starting the volunteering program
  • We will be in contact with you and with the hosting organisation along the project

What  you have to do?
If you are a romanian young person and you want to be a volunteer in another country, to meet new people and at the same time to develop yourself, if you want to learn a new language and if you are ready to leave the country for a period between 2 weeks and 1 year, please fill in this form!

Are you eligible?
  • Are you between 16 and 30 years old?
  • Are you a legal resident of Romania?
  • Do you want to develop yourself?
  • Are you wiling to ofer your time, abilities and energy to the hosting community?
  • If your answer is yes to these questions then you are eligible.

For more information about the European Voluntary Service please contact us at evscluj@voluntariat.ro, +40 264 431 411 or +40 729 83 77 73.